Buying property in Comporta: what you need to know

Sunny Portugal is almost entirely in a resort area suitable for recreation. But Comporta is something special. It is a place with a clean environment, calm and measured life. Therefore, Britain, China, and France have bought up almost all the available real estate.

Comporta is a village on the west coast, about an hour from Lisbon. But when they talk about Comporta, they mean its surroundings. Erdédi da Comporta is located on the coast between the Sado Estuary and the sea and includes seven villages: Pegu, Carvalhal, Brejos, Torre, Possanco, Carrasqueiro and Comporta itself. 

The whole area is perfectly groomed, not only because part of it is a protected nature reserve (note the enormous nests of storks and flamingos on the river), but also because it is owned and managed by Espírito Santo, the leading banking group in the country. So when you’re considering Comporta property for sale, rest assured that it’s beautiful everywhere. 

Both factors keep this section of the province of Alentejo unspoiled. Since Easter, people from all over Europe flock here to stay in the traditional houses. In addition, it is customary to travel by buggy or bicycle.

There are no gates, fences, or paved streets in the village of Brejusz. Instead, there are sandy paths leading from one hut to the next. Herdade da Comporta has strict planning restrictions on what can and cannot be built in its jurisdiction. Therefore, the villas you can buy here are cleverly disguised as fishing shacks. There are fewer restrictions in Mude, which is ten kilometers south of Comporta, and architects there is nothing to deny themselves. 

In selecting a property in Comporta, it is essential to consider that the oceanic climate provides a comfortable cool in the summer and becomes a problem in the winter due to the prevailing cold winds. Although the temperature does not fall below +10, it is pretty unpleasant.

What kind of real estate can I buy for a foreigner?

The government is interested in foreign investment. Therefore, there are no significant restrictions, which should be taken seriously – it is not difficult to buy real estate for individuals and legal entities.

To formalize the deal, you need to seek help from a lawyer. The law allows a foreigner to choose their specialist to purchase real estate.

Stages of processing documents

Applying to the tax service of Portugal to obtain a taxpayer identification number for both private and legal persons. But the processing can be entrusted to a lawyer;

It is necessary to certify the preliminary agreement and the conclusion at the notary. Obligatorily indicate the parties’ data to the transaction, information about the property, and the actual state. Conditions and terms of the settlement are added;

An advance payment of 10-30% of the value is required. This is an important point. In the case of termination of the transaction on the part of the buyer, the deposited funds are not returned, and the owner will have to replace the entire amount with a double penalty;

The lawyer checks the purity of the transaction in terms of the law. This requires at least 1 month. Sometimes, the period is extended up to six months. It is necessary to check:

  • Extract from the land registry;
  • Tax Inspectorate;
  • Housing certificate;
  • Technical passport purchased building;
  • Certificate of energy conservation.

Stamp duty and municipal tax are paid. This is necessary for the transfer of ownership rights.

Together the notary concludes the main contract of sale. After that, the signatures are certified by a specialist. But before signing, the document is read aloud. The payment of the remaining amount;

The property is registered at the tax and cadastral office. As a result, the new owner is given a certificate of title to the transferred value.

The lawyer is considered a foreign representative during all stages of the transaction. Therefore, it is worth carefully selecting a specialist. Furthermore, it is advantageous to know Russian since the contract is announced in Portuguese. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the services of an interpreter.

Important: If a foreigner decides to use the service of a realtor, it is necessary to check the license. The certificate’s validity is checked on the official website of the Ministry of Construction and Real Estate of the country.

Is it possible to rent a property?

This is a popular option if there is no possibility of purchasing the required building. But according to the law, a deposit of 1 month’s rent is always paid. This ensures that the terms of the deal are fulfilled. In addition, if there is furniture on the premises, it is listed considering the condition. This will help avoid disputes after the end of the contract terms.

The contract specifies the payment terms – by weeks or once a month. After that, the tenant pays for the utilities himself. If late payment is allowed, then the deal can be terminated immediately.

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