The Everyday Products That Contain Palm Oil

The Everyday Products That Contain Palm Oil

Palm oil production has continued to increase over the years. It is one of the commonly used vegetable oil on the planet. The production of most products found on supermarket shelves involves the use of palm oil. It can be challenging to identify these products sometimes, as some do not clearly label or state that they are producing palm oils.

The following are some of the products that contain palm oil

Beauty products

Some skin products, lipsticks, and hair products like shampoo, are mainly from palm oil. Hair shampoo and soaps, for instance, have palm oil, which helps protect the hair and strengthen it. The oil is also used on skins to give supple skins, holding moisture for long hours. It is also used in lipsticks as it helps retain color thanks to its inability to melt at high temperatures and tastelessness.


Palm oil has proven to be an all-around substance. The oil makes detergents due to its ability to remove dirt from surfaces. Palm kernel oil is the type used to make detergents. Household cleaners are among the detergents whose composition comprise of palm oil.


Most of you who like taking bread have consumed palm oil to a certain extent already. Palm oil is used in bread baking because it is insoluble at average temperatures, makes baking easy, and is not expensive.


Chocolates remain smooth at room temperature due to the presence of palm oil in them. However, some chocolates rely on cocoa butter to be soft but those with fillings have palm oil in them.


Toothpaste is also not free of palm oils. who would have thought? Commonly known brands like Colgate have initially been slow on the palm oils, but they seem to be catching up on the same.


Apart from the beauty products like the shampoo made using palm oils, other soaps also use the same. The oil works s either as the primary agent or is blended with other reagents to make the soaps. Uniliver soaps, to be precise, are made up of palm oils, and so are their other products.

Production of most of the essential products we use in our daily activities uses palm oil. You can not survive without palm oil as they use it in almost all our essential products.

What you can do instead is ensuring that the product you purchase is certified. You can also check its palm oil percentage to be sure about its composition.

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