What Are The Types of Magento Hosting?

What Are The Types of Magento Hosting?

Planning to set up your online store but don’t know where to start?

Consider using Magento hosting It is one of the best platforms for building an online store with high speed, flexibility, and the power to manage scalability. With Magneto, you can run high-end e-commerce functions with its robust framework. 

It is a developer-friendly platform that can be customized based on your business requirements.

Also, for optimal website performance and reliability, consider choosing web hosting in NZ, that provides a domain and Hosting services in one pack for a streamlined and efficient online experience.

What is Magento Hosting?

Magento Hosting is specifically designed for hosting the websites that are created through the Magento platform. 

It is an open-source platform that helps create and manage E-Commerce websites effortlessly through its unique features, like flexible shopping cart systems, and control over the website design, content, and functionality. 

In fact, the best Magento Hosting services can help boost your website by offering enhanced performance, optimization in search engine ranking, round-the-clock support, etc.

Types of Magento Hosting

  • Shared Web Hosting

Shared Hosting is the best type of Magneto web hosting for anyone on a budget. Here, the website is shared on a standard server, i.e. server has several other websites. That means all domains have the same server resource, making the cost of hosting cheap.

Key Takeaways of Shared Magento Hosting

  • It is an economic option for small businesses and startups.
  • More than one website shares resources on a single server.
  • Potential resource limitations may affect performance.
  • VPS Hosting

This type of website hosting plan falls between a shared server and a dedicated server. The idea behind VPS Hosting is that some business owners need more control over their websites but won’t need a dedicated server.

The best part of this type of web hosting is that the website will be hosted within its own space on the server, despite sharing a server with other users, too.

Key Takeaways of VPS Hosting. 

  • It works as a middle ground between shared Hosting and dedicated servers.
  • Physical servers are split into multiple virtual servers.
  • It offers better performance and control over server settings.
  • Suitable for growing businesses with increased resource needs.
  • Dedicated Magneto Hosting

Dedicated Hosting gives the website owner control over the server. However, such web hosting servers are expensive as owners have to rent the entire server for the website exclusively. 

Further, dedicated hosting offers complete access and control over security and operating systems. However, it is important that one has technical expertise for the installation and management of the server. 

Important Takeaways of Magento Hosting

  • You get to use a dedicated physical server for a single Magento website.
  • You get unmatched performance, security, and customization.
  • It is the best option if you have an E-Commerce store or web page with high traffic and resource-intensive operations.
  • Cloud Magento Hosting

When you have a Cloud Hosting server, your website gets hosted on a group of servers instead of just one server, which ensures that the website keeps running irrespective of whether a server goes down.

Important  Takeaways of Cloud Hosting

  • Uses virtualization and distributed computing over a bunch of servers.
  • Ensures scalability, flexibility, and reduces redundancy.
  • Incredible option for businesses with fluctuating traffic levels.


Although it can be confusing with so many options to choose from, the best place to start is by understanding your Magneto hosting requirements for your business and creating an actionable blueprint for your website.

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