A Beginner’s Guide To cPanel Reseller Hosting

A Beginner's Guide To cPanel Reseller Hosting

In the vast market of web hosting in India, reseller web hosting has gained immense popularity.

cPanel reseller hosting offers a powerful platform for individuals and businesses to start their own web hosting business. cPanel offers a graphical and easy-to-use user interface that allows you to manage your website seamlessly without requiring any technical expertise. 

In this article, we will understand the aspects of cPanel and how it will benefit reseller hosting, so let’s  get started. 

Understanding cPanel 

cPanel is software used as a control panel to manage your website efficiently. It is a popular web hosting control panel with a user-friendly web-based interface. Without cPanel, you will need technical knowledge to manage your websites and servers. Whereas, with a cPanel, you can make changes using a single graphical interface where no technical knowledge is required. 

Features of cPanel 

  1. Manage Multiple Domains 
  2. Manage Database 
  3. Setup and maintain FTP accounts 
  4. MRun Virus Scanners 
  5. Install and Manage SSL 
  6. View Visitor Logs 
  7. Set Up Spam Filters
  8. Manage Files 

Benefits of cPanel in Reseller Hosting 

  • Effortless User Interface 

The cPanel reseller account provides a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. You can easily use it and get multiple features that will help you control all your website and server-related functions seamlessly. With just one click, you can reboot your system or even shut it down remotely if required. It does not need any technical skills to manage and operate the cPanel. 

  • Highly Customisable 

A cPanel in reseller hosting is highly customisable and allows you to brand the identity of your business well. You can add custom URL branding and can also adjust your HTML accordingly. 

  • Easy Account Management 

From providing billing, sales, and invoices to reports, you can enjoy seamless, unlimited cPanel reseller hosting services. You can manage your pricing with added features like setting automated discounts and multiple pre-integrated gateways. In addition, you can easily list customer transactions. 

  • Customer Satisfaction 

The cPanel reseller hosting provides customer satisfaction. As a hosting reseller, remember that offering holistic products and customer satisfaction should be one of your top priorities, and a cPanel helps you achieve that. 

  • Easy to Upgrade

Using a cPanel reseller hosting account, you can begin with a small server for reselling, then expand it as your business grows. If your reseller account becomes too large, you might want to think about moving it to a dedicated cloud hosting service.

  • Seamlessly Handle List and Order Management

cPanel helps you effortlessly manage contacts and order lists. It provides you detailed information about your contact information, and even search and add clients. In addition, you can verify the pending order lists and add funds to your client accounts, making it a complete product management tool. 


cPanel is the most popular reseller hosting account manager that lets you manage your business from a single dashboard. It is easy to use, and a lot of assistance is available online if you need anything. The best cPanel reseller hosting services provide all the tools required to run the hosting business successfully.