How To Choose The Right Dropper Bottles For Your Facial Serum?

How To Choose The Right Dropper Bottles For Your Facial Serum?

Facial serum is an indispensable element in your facial skin care routine. Its chemical composition is so delicate that you must be sure to choose the right dropper bottles. A material that is setting a trend in the cosmetic industry is Miron glass or violet glass. This material allows you to protect your delicate serums from the damaging effects of light, keeping their physical properties and efficacy intact for much longer. It is the only material on the market that allows you to create 100% natural products. As dropper bottles made of violet glass filter light, there is no need to include preservatives in facial serum mixtures. In this way, the skin receives a 100% natural product and potential allergies are reduced or completely eliminated. This will make facial serums to reach more customers, even those with delicate skin.

Designed to extend the shelf life of your facial serums

While it is true that the quality of a product depends on its chemical composition, the packaging in which it is stored also plays an important role. If you don’t choose products stored in the right dropper bottles, you can risk facial allergies or skin burns. The longer our facial serums spend in contact with light, the greater the risk of them becoming damaged and ineffective. Cosmetic companies know this. That’s why you’ll notice more and more shiny black dropper bottles on drugstore shelves. Remember that although it looks black, it’s actually violet. If you see them, you can be sure that they are the right choice to buy because you will be assured that the facial serum will maintain its effectiveness over time.

How do dropper bottles made of Miron glass work?

Glass is the most widely used material in the professional cosmetics industry. This is because it is an innocuous material that does not alter the chemical composition of the substances. This quality is enhanced in dropper bottles manufactured with Miron glass thanks to the additional protection provided by the violet color. This double protective effect is what makes large cosmetic companies use these containers in their production lines. Users have learned that this material has revolutionized the industry and are increasingly demanding its use. In the case of dropper bottles, they are becoming more and more common in pharmacies and cosmetics stores. Human nature is constantly looking for new ways to evolve, to do things better and in a more natural way. Violet glass is the next step in the evolution of healthcare.