Ten Moving Secrets To Make Moving Easy

Ten Moving Secrets To Make Moving Easy

It’s exciting to find a house that you love and to move into. It can sometimes seem overwhelming. Don’t worry though because these moving tips will make moving a breeze. The best advice is to start early. No amount of advice or tips will be able to help you if you decide to pack last minute.

So here are 10 great moving tips to make your move easy:

1. Get a moving company

It is a good idea to hire professional removalists Adelaide moving company. This will allow you to leave the arduous job of lifting your belongings to trained movers.

This is the smartest way for you to save time and maximize your efficiency in doing other tasks on hand.

Professional removalists are skilled in wrapping furniture and maneuvering it through narrow stairways and tight door frames and of course they can load it into a truck and pack it properly to keep your furniture safe and efficiently save space.

You should know which moving company you would like to hire at least a month prior to your move date.

2. Be organised

Walkthrough each room before you begin packing. This will help you give you and idea of what you intend to hold, sell, perish or donate.

Holding onto things is human nature, however, at a time of moving, you need to make some hard decisions at this point. Go through each item and place it in the ‘Hold’, ‘Sell’, ‘Junk’ or ‘Donate’ pile.

Anything not used within the last year must be donated as a rule. You can also sell them if they are too valuable.

Moving the least number of items not only makes it easier to move, but also makes it easier to unpack.

Have a goal to have this done at least a couple weeks prior to the move to ensure that you have sufficient time do the rounds at each facility where each pile needs to go.

3. Defrost the fridge

A couple weeks before you move, assess your groceries and see how far they will last you. You may need to limit your grocery shopping to two weeks’ worth. As it gets closer to your move, it may be wise to just buy as you need prior to the move so you don’t have as much food in the fridge. If you over buy, food may get spoilt and will end up being wasted.

If you have a freezer, try and use up any food you have within the last month of you moving. The freezer needs to be defrosted before you move. This process usually takes 24 hours; however, it is important to allow yourself enough time and at least give inside a really good clean so you can start fresh with a nice clean fridge when you have moved.

4. Smart packing

For lighter items, such as clothes, pillows, or beddings, you can use large boxes. If you need to transport heavier items, like text books, then make sure you don’t over pack and use sturdy book boxes so that they can be carried in one go.

Don’t overfill you boxes and overpack, as it makes them more difficult to move and will also slow down the movers.

Wrap any fragile items that might be prone to being damaged while in transit, bubble wrap, butchers’ paper or a towel and if at all possible double-box them to ensure maximum protection.

Once the organising stage is completed, start packing.

5. Pack & Unpack logically

The kitchen should be packed first. It may be the longest room to pack as there is no standard size of bowls, pots and pans. So, you’ll feel accomplished once you have finished packing.

Before you start with the other rooms, you can pack the children’s room but be sure to leave a few toys out to keep them occupied. This will allow them to play while you pack.

6. Your boxes should be labeled

This is a must, as it will save lots of time and effort searching for things while unpacking.

Each box must be clearly labeled with information about what’s inside, what side it should remain on, and the destination room it should go even when the interstate removalists are unloading.

As a general rule, you should label the sides of the boxes and not the top as it will be harder to see when they are stacked. This will allow you to see the label easier and if possible, label at least 2 sides of the boxes.

7. Color coding

Use coordinating stickers to mark furniture and boxes.

This will allow movers to identify the box, it’s contents and which room it belongs to. However, having too many colours may make it more confusing. So, be simple and use 3 or 4 different colours max.

8. Clean 

From here you can hire a cleaning company to clean the house one day before you move. Or other trades if you intend to patch or fix up the house for sale. It depends on your situation if you own the house or rent the house. A bit more work needs to be done if you have sold the house and need to move out as you need to ensure that the house is presentable on settlement day. However, if you rent the house then most often all you need is a cleaner to come in the last day before you hand over your keys to the agent. This will allow you to start unpacking immediately after you have unloaded the boxes. You can also use the kitchen or bathrooms immediately.

9. Make sure to pack a bag for your first night.

Make sure every member in the family has organised a small bag with their personal belongings they may need the very first night. As boxes will be everywhere and after moving, it can be very tiring so it is worth resting up and re-energizing before spending the whole day unpacking.

An essential kit could also be useful. It should contain everything the family needs, including coffee, snacks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper and even a set of spare clothes. A towel and a first aid kit would be very useful as well the first night.

It is possible that you won’t be able unpack everything you or even organise your new home the first day. This gives you the opportunity to relax and get better sleep the next night.

10. Relax

Relax and know that you have just move. Give yourself some time to soak it in, and the fun now begins at your new town, city, country. These ten tips are here to hopefully help you make everything less stressful and easier. After all, if you moved without being too overwhelmed in the process and had fun doing it. Then all that matters is, it’s an experience you can hold onto and say that you did as a family and now you can experience life in your new house until your next move. This is our favorite tip for moving!