The best lawn quality

The best lawn quality

How can you achieve the best quality for your lawn in your garden? This is an important question for many people, because, of course, the lawn plays a big role in one’s garden. If the lawn does not look nice, then the whole garden will suffer. Do you already have problems with your lawn? Or do you want to be prepared in advance? In both cases, this blog will provide important information to you, so that you can keep your lawn in the best possible quality.

Check your lawn regularly

Probably the most important tip that you should always remember, is to regularly check your lawn. If you don’t check your lawn regularly, diseases and other problems can manifest without you noticing. But if you check your lawn from time to time, you can identify problems easily, and take care of them, before they grow bigger. This is the most effective way to keep your lawn in great condition. Maybe you notice yellow patches of grass in your lawn. This might only mean that you need to water a bit more. But it could also mean that there is a bigger problem. In any case, now you know that you will have to keep an eye on it.

Is liming worth it?

One of the most important things for the quality of your lawn is the correct PH value. If the soil has the wrong PH value, other plants, like moss or clover, will start growing and slowly overtaking the grass itself. Therefore, check regularly, if the PH value is in the correct parameters. How to get rid of clover and moss? If you notice the PH value is wrong, you can simply lime the soil. This will help to bring the PH value back to its place, and with this the grass will be able to grow more efficiently again. So yes, liming is worth it.

Planting new seeds

From time to time, it can be important, to give new grass seeds to your lawn. Old grass might die, and so you will help your lawn by adding new seeds. Moowy provides exactly the seeds you need. After you’ve spread the new seeds, make sure that birds don’t eat them! Also, make sure to water the lawn enough during the next few days, so that the seeds can start growing well. Another great idea is to use fertilizer, to help the new plant to grow and get strong.